3D Projection and Visual Effects

Coca Cola 125th Anniversary  |  Director

I designed, directed, and managed all the production of film, video, and motion graphic elements for this record breaking installation. With my crew of more than 15 in-house and freelance animators and cinematographers, I created the content that covered all 4 sides of Coke's 440' tall headquarters. It was breathtaking and could be seen from miles around.

The Sydney Opera House  |  Director

I worked with maestro Michael Tilson Thomas to design a projection show that simultaneously covered the inside and outside of this amazing structure. We examined the score carefully and built visuals that aligned with the themes in the music, which accompanied procedural animation and VJ elements.

Coraline Garden and Dinner sequences  | Sequence Supervisor

I supervised the visual effects for these 2 sequences, critiquing and approving the 3D work of several artists. This was early in the days of (modern) 3D cinema so we had to develop methods and software as challenges came up. With a full 3D theatre in the massive warehouse where we shot and assembled the film, I could run sequences over and over from the projection booth until every nuance was just so.

O Apostolo  | Visual Effects Supervisor

I led and managed a crew of diverse artists and technicians and coordinated efforts with art department, camera, puppetry, and animation, for a year long engagement in Spain. We were nominated for an Academy Award up against big Hollywood films with 10 times our budget. We won countless awards in Europe.

Mediaroom  |  Motion Design

My animation background was appreciated and utilized in my time with this interactive television group. I created a motion system based on traditional animation priciples in addition to my work as a visual designer.